Friday, April 2, 2010

Hindsight is always 20/20. The man in his late 50s had been depressed for a long time and taking psychiatric medications. This is never a good recipe. His daughter and grandson went out to run some errands. As they pulled into the driveway and opened the garage they were horribly greeted by the image of their relative hanging dead in the garage! She cried over and over "I never should have left him alone!" To have to live with that "coulda shoulda woulda" is terrible. Shame on him for putting his own family through that torture!

I'd been hearing of a con man who is living with a disabled old woman and her alcoholic daughter. Their house tends to be a meeting ground for drunks, drug users, thieves, and other types of societies undesirables. I'm just glad they don't live in my neighborhood. One of my officers has been trying to arrest the con man, R for months but can't get a good case on him. A fight call drops at that address. I'm the first one there and I meet R for the first time. He looks like a little runt. I find the woman that was hit and she's lit up and not making sense. As I'm trying to get the story a vehicle drives past and everyone points and says "there he is!" I watch which way he goes (past experience from rushing into the car putting it in gear then realizing I didn't see which way my target went). I go after him and catch him in his driveway. I rush out, put him in cuffs and stuff him in my car. After about another hour of shifting through stories I determine my new friend and R were fighting in the driveway and drunk woman tried to either break it up or get involved and inadvertently got herself hit in the eye. No charges were filed and I take the guy home. I go back to the original house and find some other people have shown up. One is chubby, ugly as hell guy. My officer tells me he's a known male prostitute. I shake my head. I really try not to judge other people but sometimes other people don't make it easy.


*Goddess* said...

"One is chubby, ugly as hell guy. My officer tells me he's a known male prostitute. I shake my head."

This is what I can never figure out when I watch COPS. Some of those chicks are gawd awful looking, no front teeth or bad teeth or whatever and yet they EARN A LIVING hooking! Unreal.

*Goddess* said...
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Mad Jack said...

Suicide is always a bad deal. I think if more people knew about the terrible amount of pain their death causes others a few suicides might be averted.

I liked the 'past experience' comment. I'll bet that one was a little hard to forget! I have no patience with drunks, and I'd be a poor choice to deal with their cultural highlight of the week.

Beat And Release said...

@Goddess: I agree with you. I have yet to see a street-walker with even a modicum of good looks. We have a few male hookers here, but most of them dress as females.

I have never to been to Nevada where prostitution is legal, but I have been to Germany and toured a brothel or two while on leave in Frankfurt. I must say I was impressed by the selection available there. The ladies ranged from extremely smokin' hot Penthouse model types to the ugly, obese, etc. Whatever turned you on, you could find there. I was 17 at the time I arrived in Germany and I must say it was tempting since three cartons of American Marlboro cigarettes or 40 German marks (about 20 bucks) could get you an hour of company. Not proud of it, but not exactly ashamed of it, either. :) Ah, to be young again.