Friday, April 16, 2010

A woman makes an appointment for some meeting and asks her mother to watch her five kids ranging in age from 16 months to 8 years. About five minutes before the meeting she calls her mother who says she is around the corner. So the woman leaves. About half an hour later the 8 year old calls saying he is home alone with the kids and scared to death. The officers arrive and get pissed off that these young kids are alone. The father is located and comes home and has no idea his wife left the kids. The woman's mother eventually shows up apologizing saying she lied when she said she was around the corner. She said she was really still in bed and didn't want her daughter to miss her meeting so she told her to leave.

A wrecker driver is speeding to an accident in hopes of getting a tow. A friend of mine spots him and tries to stop him. The wrecker driver flees and starts a pursuit. He is eventually caught and arrested. His excuse? He was rushing to an accident scene oh, and he had a suspended license! Another wrecker was called to tow his wrecker. I wonder if he got fired by his wrecker company.

In another pursuit a guy runs a stop sign and flees from the officer. He pulls into his driveway and runs into the yard. He is caught and arrested and when asked his name "f*** y'all I ain't telling y'all sh**!" Damn I wish I was on that scene!

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*Goddess* said...

Another "Grandma of the Year" candidate...

I can't believe that mother would leave even IF the grandmother said she was "right around the corner". I'd want to SEE her there before I left kids that young.