Saturday, April 17, 2010

Officers have a notorious reputation for divorce. I consider myself a statistic just another divorced cop myself. However I digress. I know an officer going through a separation. He can't get divorced yet because his wife hasn't given birth yet. Ouch! Well her boyfriend decided to make a false ad on Craig's List with the officer's email address looking for gay sex! I guess dumb ass doesn't know that's a crime now. I want to file charges on the guy myself but the officer wants to handle it himself.

A teenager with mental problems along with alcohol and drug use decides to take a shotgun and start shooting slugs throughout the apartment. With slugs they are lucky they didn't pierce the walls and kill or injure someone in another apartment. When officers get there he is gone with the shotgun. He comes back later and his mother claims she got rid of the shotgun but can't quite remember where she put it. Okay that's a lie right there. They later learn the mother lies about who she is so they return and arrest her for fail to ID. Her lying caught up to her that night.

Someone decided to shoot up another hood apartment complex. We get there and of course the gunmen are gone but the entire complex was out "seeing what was going on." There were maybe five of us and about a hundred people milling about. Many of them not fans of the police. One guy walked right by us not even acknowledging our presence muttering "I'm gonna beat that n***** ass! I'm gonna beat that ass!" Wonder what his issue was. Another guy comes walking his pit bull and actually stops to thank us for being out there. He said there was too much "bullsh**" going on out in that complex. He's right about that but I couldn't tell if he was being sincere or sarcastic. As I was leaving I looked up and saw little children looking down from a second story window. I smiled and waved at them and they smiled and waved back. Poor kids have to live in that rat hole apartment complex.


*Goddess* said...

She hasn't given birth yet but she has a bf already?! I'd say that's "double ouch"!

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I really like your blog!!

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