Saturday, December 3, 2011

A 19 year old girl will have a story to tell all her friends about the time she was driving drunk and hit a police car. Fortunately the officer is ok.

I was checking by with a unit at a Hispanic club. As I passed an IHOP I heard an off duty officer have a drunk in custody and trying to fend off his friends. I was the first one there and the crowd was already gone. I heard other officers coming in lights and siren. I knew it was under control by the officer's tone.

After that I reached the club. A drunk got caught with a bag of cocaine. Now this is Latino place. Over half the clientele are illegal aliens. As I'm watching the officer's back an old, long-haired black man comes walking out. He gives me a cold stare all the way across the parking lot until he disappears into an apartment complex across the street. I ask a bouncer who says he occasionally comes and hangs near the restrooms (where the cocaine is sold). I'll bet you $100 that guy deals in the club.

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