Tuesday, December 20, 2011

An ex boyfriend stalked his ex girlfriend to the point he slashed her tires. He left then came back and was caught by officers. He fled but didn't get far.

When you do a favor for someone make sure you're not wanted. It's embarrassing to go to jail for warrants while picking up someone from work.

A man was drinking with his buddy and handling. It looks like he was playing with the gun when it went off and drilled a hole in his head. He was life flighted but died.

A youth just had to answer that text and took out a street sign and a pole. I wonder how they feel about driving and texting now.

A young woman dressed up nice to attend a wedding. She ended up on the other end of town passed out in her car from a mix of alcohol and medication. She went limp making us drag her butt to the patrol car.

A former officer allegedly punched his wife (a former prosecutor now defense attorney). I met the guy once a few years ago. This a shame but innocent until proven guilty.

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