Sunday, December 25, 2011

Just two hours before Christmas and one fool is going to jail for family assault.

I guess the alarm company called otherwise why would anyone be at their hair salon at this hour to call in a burglary of a business.

I spot a guy hanging out by a business. I thought he was wearing a mask but come to find out it was a scraggly beard. He was seeking shelter from the rain. At this hour there aren't many options. So I take him to a nearby IHOP after he tells me he has money to eat. This bothered me. How would I feel to be alone, cold, and wet on Christmas?

A lot of discharge of firearms calls.

A drunk hit several cars on his way home. He didn't make it. He will spend Christmas in jail.

I had to do a double take to make sure that vehicle was going the wrong way on a cold, wet road giving a coronary to the car he passed. He wasn't drunk, just on the phone.

An officer was inside a store when a pot head came in smelling like marijuana. Guess where he is spending Christmas?

A lot of drunks crashing and fleeing.

A deputy wrecked his car. No injuries thank goodness.

A woman in hospice care died. Poor girl she wasn't even 40.

Just found out the fool on the motorcycle who fled last night was the same guy I cited two weeks ago. I'll be damned!

It must have been unsettling when that young mother woke up with police (me) in her apartment with her juvenile son and his two buddies who snuck out to go to McDonalds not realizing it was closed.

As I drove home I heard a female officer advise her prisoner was banging his head against the cage. Merry Christmas.

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KevinM said...

Any idea what the deal was with all the abandoned vehicles on the side of the road coming back from San Antonio 1604/1-10? There had to be at least 25 before they petered out around Schulenberg.

Also let the Columbus PD know that if they want to run a speed trap on I-10, they need to position their vehicle so its not obvious from 5 miles away... Or is that someone's idea of a Christmas present? Would separate the speeders from the DWIs.

Merry Xmas and hope you don't draw 12/31.