Saturday, December 24, 2011

The night started off with a robbery of a Popeye's Chicken. Seriously? Robbing a chicken place on Christmas Eve. How sad.

A woman woke up to find her husband on the floor not breathing. Hell of a way to spend Christmas.

An officer stops a vehicle and is immediately suspicious when she sees blood splattered all over the vehicle. Come to find out the vehicle was involved in a fight nearby and the driver ran over someone and took off after his brother got a nice gash on his head. Sad thing is nobody would fully cooperate with us so the guy doesn't go to jail. Even the guy that got ran over wouldn't say much.

A motorcyclist decides to try to flee from an officer. He turns into a business complex (where I work an extra job once a week) and manages to crash his motorcycle. I hope he spends Christmas in jail.

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