Monday, January 9, 2012

It rained a lot. I had to pull into a parking lot and get out and walk around to keep from nodding off. A woman who is often mistaken for a man was caught breaking into a car yet again. Obviously she didn't learn the last time my friend arrested her for the same thing (which she jumped bail and had a warrant). For her effort she earned a shotgun blast from the owner of the car (that sadly missed) and another trip to jail. Some stolen property was recovered afterward. I'm heading home when a guy busts the red light. I love it when they say "it was yellow!". Mmm no it wasn't or I wouldn't be wasting my time on my way home. This close to quittin' time he earned that ticket. Then just two blocks from that is a crash in perhaps the largest, busiest intersection on this side of town. Fortunately day shift actually got there and took it.

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