Saturday, January 7, 2012

A woman goes to the grocery store leaving her 7 month old in the car while she shops. She comes back and gets arrested. An officer arrives on a family violence call and is attacked by the teenage, autistic son who bites the officer and goes for his gun. Because of his mental issues he goes to a psych hospital rather than the ER. Someone attacks me like that I don't care about their mental condition I'm going to fight hard. A slow night all in all. A couple of stops and tickets issued.

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Anonymous said...

On a DV call my ride along officer responded too, it was also caused by a teenage son just gone mad. It's even more dangerous when that said person/teen is mentally ill because you really don't know what you're up against. Good that you're safe! :D

(PS I enjoy your blog, great to read about all the calls you get)