Sunday, January 15, 2012

A woman called to report a 21 year old male wasn't breathing. He was taken to the hospital where he died.

A man called saying his father shot himself in the head. When officers arrived they found a male with a gunshot wound to his head.

After a pursuit a K9 finds one of the suspects and biting the hell out of him.

I hate family disturbances. A couple are cursing at each other with their young daughter watching sending her into tears. No charges are filed because there was no assault. Poor girl I hate these kinds of calls. The ADA doesn't take any charges but says we have to make the man leave. I love it when DA's think they are bigger than they really are. If we're not arresting anyone we can't force people out of this own homes. While there I noticed their professionally made family portrait. They were sitting together, holding each other, smiling, looking like the perfect family. Yet tonight he is drunk and cursing in front of his twin daughters. She is drunk and dropping F bombs like a rapper and the twin girls are upset.

I was behind a car when the passenger side door opens and a woman's head pops out vomiting. I stop the car knowing what I had. Fortunately the designated driver was doing her job. I wished her luck and let them go.

We then get called to a man in a car. I find him drunk, passed out with the door open. He's got his arms crossed instinctively Trying to keep warm. As I'm shaking him up I see the pink vomit on the ground. We finally get him woken up and he can't say how he got there. I ask about the blood on the side of the car. His eyes widen and he starts to panic. I found it funny because there was no blood. I just wanted to mess with him. Fortunately for him his group lived right there and we sent him to them.

A man was finally caught after committing a series of robberies at local bus stops. He would ride the train and rob people sitting at the stops. Not a very ambitious robber I must say. Robbing public transportation clientele!!! Really!!

An officer first said he was clearing a jam in his gun. Then he said he was checking the function when the rifle fired in his car. Oops!


Older School said...

Just another night in the big city.

Mad Jack said...

After a pursuit a K9 finds one of the suspects and biting the hell out of him.

I hope that you gave the K9 some mouthwash or something... I've seen some of those 'suspects' you have to deal with, and I'm here to tell you I wouldn't let my dog put his mouth on them.

Jim McKean said...

Where did all this blood come from? I'm going to try that on the next drunk I stop. Seriously I laughed out loud.