Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I rolled into work and found out my favorite Starbucks was already closed. Damn! I was hoping to have my comfort beverage.

A man decided to break into a storage facility across from a police substation. Needless to say a foot chase ensues. The career burglar runs across an interstate highway, a mall parking lot, and into a suburban neighborhood where he is finally caught and charged.

A man comes over to his ex wife's house and imminently starts a fight. The current husband fights with him and ends his year with bullets to his chest and a trip to the morgue. We're still looking for the killer. It's only a matter of time before someone catches him.

I then run from fireworks to fireworks call clearing them all gone on arrival. It's New Year's Eve so I'm not going to waste a lot of time with fireworks calls.

As I turn the corner I see two wrecked vehicles in a parking lot and a frantic male telling me a silver truck came into the lot and crashed into two cars then fled. Amazingly this is across the street from the storage center (first entry on this post) that was broken into earlier. I go up the road and find a truck matching the description just up the road. I pull it over and cuff and stuff the driver. I was surprised to find he wasn't drunk. I was further surprised when I inspected the truck and found old damage that wasn't responsible for the wreckage I saw earlier. I was even further surprised when the actual suspect was caught just up the road from me.

A young woman leaving a NYE celebration and not paying attention turns in front of an oncoming car and totals her new BMW that her dad bought for her.

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