Monday, January 9, 2012

On my way in received a message to call a "Sgt. M.". I call him and have a hard time understanding his rambling. He says he is a retired sergeant from another agency. He goes on a rant about a chase, helicopters, and a guy stealing cars. Yet he can't give me any specifics. Cops are specific. He also insists I come over and meet him. I got the sense he wasn't in his right mind and wanted company. I later found out he suffers from a bit of dementia. He might be reliving an old experience. I feel sorry for him in a way. That could be me in 60 years. We're called to teenagers breaking into a car. As we arrive an officer spots one of them who flees into a bayou. A citizen yells for us and we run down the bayou. I'm too old for this running sh**! A man returns home to become a robbery victim. A "routine" (I hate that term) traffic stop turns into a stolen vehicle recovery. A man was speeding and probably drunk when he hit a car sending it into a fence. Then his truck flipped over ejecting him. He landed on the street then his truck landed on him, killing him. A drunk teenager stole his parents' car. They chased and caught him but didn't want to prosecute. Meanwhile he bangs his head while profanely declaring he "don't give a f***!". He goes to the hospital rather than jail.

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Mad Jack said...

Okay, let's see here. I've got That could be me in 60 years. and I'm too old for this running sh**!. Just how long are you planning to hang around? 110 years or so?

Now you're chasing teenagers into a bayou. Aren't there snakes and stuff and gators and wild razorback hogs in those bayou places? I'm wondering if you're going in to arrest the kid or save him from the wildlife.

Hey - good job on the stolen vehicle recovery!