Sunday, January 15, 2012

A woman hears banging sounds against her front window. She calls 911 and we go. I get there first. As I go up the driveway I hear someone on the other side of the gate leading into the backyard. He suddenly opens the gate almost getting a gun put in his face. It was the homeowner startling us. Come to find out the banging noise was an eagle emblem on the flag pole blowing against the window.

We get another, similar call. We run lights and siren to learn it was a damn cat making the noises.

A drunk woman speeds past an officer who gives chase. The officer gets the woman stopped who puts up a struggle which got us coming code. By the time I got there she was laid out on the trunk screaming and crying. She went to jail.

While driving down the road I see a vehicle speeding and all over the road. I stop him and see what I thought was marijuana. Turns out it was Cush, the synthetic marijuana. I arrested him. I'm sure his felony probation will be yanked soon.

An officer finds a drunk passed out behind the wheel. The officer gets the drunk out who assaults the officer. The officer was slightly injured and the drunk went to jail insisting he did nothing wrong.

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