Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Day

Well I hope everyone had a good Christmas. I was drained. I didn't sleep much that night. In fact I think I may have had a total of four hours sleep. Well, I wake up, shower, and go to my parents' house to open presents, visit, and eat. I go into work and I was expecting a slow day. We found an IHOP that was open. I was drained all through dinner. It reminded of my days on night shift when I would drag ass into an IHOP (or Denny's) at 4am. Their coffee wouldn't make me up and after leaving with a full belly my body wanted to lay down and go to bed. Kind of difficult when I still have two hours left to patrol. Anyway, I'm cruising down the street when an accident call drops over the radio. I get there right behind the ambulance. I size up the scene. Two cars damaged, one woman on the curb smoking a cigarette saying she's nervous. My spider senses kick in. I listen to her as she talks to the medics. I'm thinking in the back of my mind this woman is drunk and is trying to hide it. She says she wants to go the hospital. Well, that is going to hamper sobriety tests. Well, maybe since she hit a parked car and the only person involved is herself, then perhaps we could just work the accident, show she was at fault. We can even add that she 'had been drinking' (which insurance companies don't like) but not enough to make a DWI case on her. Well, she stumbles to the ambulance where I interview her. She admits to being on a dozen psychiatric medications and along with beer and patron. She's an idiot. I'm rolling my eyes, so are the paramedics. Well, while I'm gathering information people come up to us and tell us they pulled her out of the car and she said she was drunk. Well, there goes that earlier possibility. Now we're going the full nine yards. Long story short, she went to the hospital, then went to jail for drunk driving. She ended her Christmas in jail. What a rocket scientist. As I was leaving for the day I heard another officer calling out on another crash scene for traffic control. Right before I turned off the radio I heard him say "it's a double fatality!" Oh no! Two people ended their Christmas dead. I learned the next day they were killed by a drunk, 16 year old girl. I sure hope her life is over.

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