Monday, December 29, 2008

Gettin His Mack On

Like most people, I spend my days off being lazy, then running errands at the last minute. I was grocery shopping when I spotted a deputy sheriff from an adjoining county working an extra job in the in-store bank. Not a bad extra job. Anyhow, I look at him again. I think I know this guy. In fact we once worked at the same department a long time ago. He had a reputation as a 'self described super-cop' who liked to get into messes. Anyhow, he got himself run off from the department for something so stupid. Well, years later I met a woman officer who is his ex wife. We became friends, lost touch, and ran into each other again on a call. Anyhow she's told me some horror stories.

Anyway, I'm watching the deputy talking to a lone woman trying to leave the store. It's apparent to me that he's hitting on her. Well, I don't begrudge anyone 'gettin they mack on' but it was funny knowing his history. I watched him walk her out of the store (which officers working at the bank usually don't do because that would be the ideal time to hit it-the bank, not the woman) and give her what I'm presuming was his phone number. Oh well, another small anecdote in the man-woman melodrama.

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