Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

Well normally one would expect a slow Christmas Eve and Day. Yet since we're in the fourth largest metroplex in the country our share of fools will act up. Well here is a summary of what happened today;

A drunk hit another car in a parking lot. He didn't do any damage, but he went to jail for drunk driving. What kind of ignorant fool gets arrested on Christmas Eve?

Another drunk decides to stalk his ex-girlfriend. She wants nothing to do with him but he takes a cab from the other side of town and stands in her driveway. We find him in a nearby store. He's on bond for drunk driving, and walking around drunk. So, he too gets arrested and spends Christmas Eve in jail.

A woman was with her family, 3 kids, and an elderly deaf man. Two thugs carjacked her with knives and took off in her van with the kids and the elderly man. They let the man out on the other side of town. No word on the kids.

For a 30 minute span, assault calls dropping in the west side of town. In one incident, a brother grabs a bat and goes to swinging on family members. Some people!!!!

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Anonymous said...

"fools will act up", so sad but true. Those poor kids and elderly man!! I know he's safe now but to be dumped out and powerless to help anyone! Please tell me the kids are now found.

Feel free to lie. Damit!!