Thursday, December 18, 2008

"Whatcha gonna do now?"

This is the thuggish mentality that always pisses me off. Two vehicles are stuck in traffic. One vehicle honks at another. The driver who got honked at gets upset, has a bruised ego and wounded pride. So, he follows the other vehicle until they get stuck at an intersection. He then gets out of his car with a gun and taps on the window, aims the gun at the man and his kids and goes to repairing his damaged ego.

"Whatcha gonna do now? Huh? I say what? Whatcha gonna do now?"

He then leaves satisfied that he's still a man. The victim follows him and happens to pass one of my fellow officers and flags her down. They stop the guy and arrest him. He had no criminal record until now. This is the kind of mentality we inadvertently nurture.

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