Saturday, December 27, 2008

Reminded Me of My Wife

I thought it was a disturbance. Turned out it was a guy whose damn tire broke off his car and he was lucky enough to wheel it into his apartment entrance. Sadly the tire jammed in the frame keeping him from going any further, thus blocking the apartment entrance. Well, needless to say people were trying to get by and being the good people they are instead of understanding they got hostile. They were waiting on AAA which usually take too long. The only reason we joined them was for the hotel discounts for when we travel. Anyway, the AAA wrecker shows up, but it's a flat bed wrecker and unable to do the job. So then he tells the guy's wife (who came out to help him) she has to call AAA back and ask for another wrecker. We have cars backing up and almost crashing because people cannot use caution down that street. Another wrecker shows up, the right kind. The husband (driver of the car mind you) says "to hell with it" and asks the wrecker how much to hook it up and move it inside the complex. The wrecker quotes him $50. Well, that's a little pricey, but he is tired of being yelled at and stuck outside so he agrees. His wife explodes. He is telling the wrecker to hook up, she is saying no. He tells the wrecker to hook up his car and he'll pay the $50. His wife starts shouting at him that he's being stupid. He's telling her not to worry about it, he'll handle it. This is the old difference between men and women here. He is being logical. He knows the problem, he knows the solution. In this case he has traffic, and angry drivers breathing down his neck. In order to reach the solution he has to swallow a bitter pill for now. Now, she's pissed because they pay for AAA service, and doesn't feel it's right to have to pay $50 and she doesn't care that other people are breathing down their necks. She feels she is right in refusing the other wrecker and criticizes him for disagreeing with her. I saw my wife in her. He finally tells her to get back in her car (and away from him). I walk up to him and ask how long he's been married. He says six years, the same as me. He utters some days he thinks twice about it. I think he was just upset that she was criticizing him instead of backing him. I told him it's all part of the man-woman melodrama. I go to her and ask her to take it easy on him, he's just trying to end an unpleasant ordeal and yes, $50 is a bitter pill to swallow but it's not the end of the world. See, logic vs. emotion.

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