Friday, August 21, 2009

A Classy Family

That whole family drove me nuts. A young woman living her ex in-laws called us saying her ex-father in law pulled a shot gun on her. I'm the second one there and the first officer is talking to the alleged suspect and his wife. I then go to the house and see a young girl come out of the house. She only heard the argument, but claims she didn't see the incident where her father walked out with the shotgun. However she says her parents are crazy. She begs me to take her somewhere. I ask if she is being abused or harmed and she says no. Then she tells me she is 16 and they are her parents. I can see the desperation in her eyes, but I cannot help her. She is going to have to tough it out for two more years. The argument erupted between the parents and their ex-daughter in law who was living there with her kid (their grand daughter) and her new boyfriend who is a meth head. They argued over money when the old man walked out with a shotgun, didn't aim it or threaten to use it, just held it. The ex daughter in law calls the police while sending her boyfriend away with her kids. The old man said he was threatened by the meth head boyfriend. We want to talk to him, but he's gone so we run him and find the child support warrant. That's why she sent him away. Then they argue back and forth about stolen merchandise in the house from the meth head couple. I ask the old man how long has this scam of stealing merchandise been going on and he says a while. So I get it. It's okay for them to steal stuff until they fall behind in rent payments and we come out there now everyone is discrediting everyone else. I can see why that teenage girl wants out of that house. Nothing but trashy people!

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TheNanny said...


Reminds me of my family.

I dropped out of high school and moved across the country at 17.

There's only one way out of that kind of mess, poor girl.