Thursday, August 13, 2009

Murderer Tries Race Card

The informant called and said he was in a local Walmart. So a small squad of officers converge on it looking for a man wanted in a 2-year old homicide. The informant gives a general description, black male, certain clothing. Problem is that description fits about 100 people inside the Walmart. As officers are fanning out new information comes in. The suspect is with a woman wearing certain clothing and two kids. One sharp officer spots a man in the checkout line next to a woman (with those clothes) and two kids. Although he isn't wearing the clothes originally described he sees the officer looking at him, picks up a kid, and walks towards the other exit. The officer's alarm bells are ringing and he goes to confront the man. Immediately the man shouts "you're only stopping me because I'm black!" (Can it be that this tactic has been so overplayed that it's finally starting to lose any merit?) He gets detained and keeps playing the race card. He gives a name and sticks to his race card until someone brings a portable fingerprint reader. Once he sees that, he changes his tune to "baby I love you, they got me!" He was their wanted murderer.

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Beat And Release said...

I usually tell them, "Sir, I resent that accusation as I'm married to a black woman and we have adopted a Vietnamese child and a Mexican kid."

Of course, I'm lying to him, but it tends to shut them up.

I have a young black female working for me and she really lays into them when they start that crap. It's fun to watch her in action :)