Sunday, August 2, 2009

Victim Attitude Almost Helps Robbers

While the news buzz about the racist, jackass Harvard professor dies down the mentality that fuels that kind of nonsense still persists. It reared it's ugly head the other night. I'm talking about a racist mentality. A mentality of a segment of the black population against cops who are not black. I have to massage my temples when I hear the term 'racial profiling' and bla bla bla. How about the problem of some blacks getting confrontational with cops who are not black? How many times have these people demanded a black officer because they refused to deal with a white/Hispanic/Asian officer? How come these so-called 'ministers' don't ever call on their own people to be open minded and tolerant of others?

Anyway...this is what happened. Two guys robbed an older couple. As this was going on there is a group of party having a party a few houses down. It's a black family that lives there and having their friends over. Officers get there and start asking the crowd if they've seen the robbers. A teenage girl had seen them run off. An officer talks to her to get information. The girl's mother (who did not see anything) shuts her daughter up and gets in the officer's face shouting at her. Now, why would a woman take on an officer who is looking for two robbers in her own neighborhood? I honestly feel it's because the officer was white and the woman has that 'black victim' mentality. Why else would the woman want challenge an officer instead of letting her go look for robbers? The officer cuffs up the woman and puts her in a patrol car. I decide to ask the woman a simple question. Why is she acting like we're the bad guys when two criminals with guns are running around her neighborhood robbing people? How are we supposed to keep her and her family safe when she wants to prevent us from catching criminals. Yes, I was laying it on a little thick but I was wanting to get my point across. She seemed to understand my point, that or she realized her big mouth has gotten her in trouble plus her crew (whom she was showing off for) wasn't around and was trying to placate me. About that time other officers found the suspects so we cut her loose and went to join the party. They fit the description perfectly and even had guns to match! Of course the G mobile network is in full effect and the fu***** family starts showing up. They think they have the right to know what's going on. However I know how this game works. They are expecting the mean white cops to force them to leave and they start whining even louder and playing that victim card. So I try to throw a monkey wrench. I flat out tell them their relatives are out robbing people and show them the guns we recovered. Only one mouthy girl wasn't going to hear it, but the rest of the family shut up and moved her away. I was amazed it worked. The best way to sink the race victim strategy is to show you have them dead to rights and they can't say sh**! I tell an officer to go get the victim so we can get an identification. This officer is brand new, a kid, very polite, but sharp as a noodle. He returns with whom I guessed was our victim. However when the crowd starting coming back along with the shouting I realized he brought back that same damn woman from earlier! I couldn't fu***** believe this! I pull him aside and express my extreme displeasure with him. Again I lay it on thick for the woman explaining that since he saw her talking to us earlier he simply thought she got robbed and thought she was going to identify our bad guys. I think she bought it. We get our victim out there who identifies the robbers and they go to jail.

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