Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Victim of 200 Crimes Goes To Jail

It was a major accident at a busy intersection. So naturally the officers have their work cut out for them securing the scene, getting medical help for injured people, controlling traffic, and trying not to get run over themselves. One officer parked half-in half-out of a driveway due to the placement of other vehicles, including ambulances. As the officer is doing his job, some nut rides his bicycle on the sidewalk and comes up to the police car. He then starts screaming at the officers to move their "fu***** cars" and they shouldn't block his "fu***** sidewalk!" At first they ignored him but he came onto the scene screaming and cursing. After about a minute of this the officer couldn't focus on the scene and have this guy screaming at him. So he confronts the man and tells him to leave which he doesn't. The man wound up being arrested for interfering and when asked why he acted like that. He said he's been a victim of 200 crimes in his lifetime and was frustrated. Hmmm, okay!

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Beat And Release said...

As long as he wasn't a perfessor at Ha-vaaaaard.