Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Story I Heard

Got a call about a suspicious vehicle sitting in a driveway for the past five hours. Either the slowest burglar in history, or someone on a stake out. We get there and I shine my light because I can't see the person as I'm walking up to them. I instantly shut it off when I see the shoulder patch. I apologize in case I screwed up something but I lucked out, he was working an extra job house sitting. He gets out and we get to chatting. We get to talking about the Pasadena Officer that was killed that day and he tells me the story of his shooting.

He was running with narcotic units on a drug raid. He was in uniform and helping with the outer perimeter. In narcotic raids, the team goes in. Anyone who comes out is a bad guy for obvious reasons. My new friend was on the other side of a fence when someone came climbing it. As he was climbing it, he had a .32 caliber pistol and began shooting at the officer. He said he remembers is three bullets going into his leg. He did not remember drawing his .45 caliber pistol and firing one shot, killing his shooter. That was learned later from all the evidence (i.e. the single bullet in the suspect, the missing bullet from the officer's gun, the angle of the shot, etc.). Unfortunately he had some difficulty afterward because the whole shooting was witnessed by a woman. It was a typical racist scenario, black suspect, white cop. The woman gave a sworn statement saying the officer stood over the suspect and "assassinated" him by firing "several" shots. Fortunately all the evidence refuted the woman's ridiculous claim. However the officer is still annoyed that no charges on her were ever filed which is the same story. Anyone can swear to a false statement against an officer but the police administration and the DA's office will not file charges because they are afraid of the ACLU. Regardless, this officer is alive and working a cushy extra job and the crook from the drug house is long dead, never to shoot another officer. It was nice to meet him. I wished him well and cleared the call.


Texas Ghostrider said...

I get mad when the citizens out right lie and get away with it. They make the officers life a living hell and nothing is done. I have had several cases like that, Thank God I had tape to back up my version of the events. I do hope that the civil lawsuit filed by the HPD Officers against The Community Activist "X" goes to trail and the OFFICERS win.

Beat And Release said...

Our Chief believes that filing charges on these folks, or even identifying them to the officer who is the subject of the complain, would only serve to prevent citizens from coming forward. Go figure.