Friday, August 14, 2009

One Of Many Reasons It's Good Women Are In Law Enforcement

She called up to the office where me and one of my partners were shifting through paperwork. She had spent the last 24 hours chasing a bad hombre. This guy has violent tendencies towards women which really pisses me off. This is the kind of guy the evil part of me wants to resist arrest. If he likes to hit women I'd like to see him go against a man who will knock his ass out. Anyway, she has a lead on him but can't find anyone to back her up because every officer in that district is tied up on a report call or a disturbance. So partner and I tell the watch commander we're going to help her out and we meet her outside a convenience store. We gather up and she starts to brief us. I listen to about the first two words when someone catches my sharp, cop-eye. A woman in super tight jeans and what is clearly an enhanced chest comes walking out of the store and right past us. I watch her go by and get to her car. I then stop the officer "I'm sorry what were you saying?" She notices what distracted me, sighs, rolls her eyes, and shakes her head and starts over. As she is running it down again, a Hooters girl drives up and catches my, and the partner's gaze as she walks into the store. He then cuts her off "I'm sorry what were you saying?" She turns and spots the Hooters girl. Again she sighs, shakes her head, and rolls her eyes. "***damn men!"

Good thing this guy wasn't hiding in the Playboy Mansion right?


*Goddess* said...

Too bad Hef isn't hiring security for the grounds. You guys sound like you'd be perfect for the

And now I'm curious--do you think your female officer's head would turn if a hottie guy came by?

Texas Ghostrider said...

So, uhhh what does your girl cop look like? I say that in a loving way. Most of my female partners would judge girls for me. I would glance like y'all did and she would say yes it is worth looking at or no pay attention to what she is saying. We all then protective of our girl cop cause she is one of the guys....