Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Eve

Some of the events this New Year's Eve!!!!

Three people walk up to a guy working on his car. One of them pulls a gun and demands he give them whatever he has. He completely disregards them. He then gets in his car and drives off! They didn't get ****! That's hysterical!

Some nutball flees and leads officers on a chase through a 4 block radius before being caught!

An 'undocumented migrant worker' is walking in the middle of the street with a bottle of tequila and a glass. He can't understand why he is being arrested.

One officer tries to stop a vehicle that keeps going for about a mile. While about 5 of them are on that car after it finally stops, another rocket scientist, literally around the corner fires off a shotgun. He is quickly arrested and a check on the shotgun shows it to be stolen. So, some idiot was shooting a stolen shotgun on NYE.

A night shift officer comes on, and manages to go out looking to firework calls to put himself out on. Now, unless one is actually dispatched I say leave it alone. On NYE and the 4th of July there are gonna be fireworks and best to just let it go.

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