Sunday, January 18, 2009

8th Time the Charm

It started when some guy called in looking for his driver's license. He said the officers kept it. Come to find out, when the previous shift was dealing with him and his crazy family he was so high on alcohol and xanax he doesn't remember what happened. Well they say they gave it back to him, good enough for me. At the end of the shift another call comes in. Apparently he called a crises line threatening suicide. I was technically off duty and on my way home but the call was on my way home so I figured I'd stop by and see if I could help out. I arrive and kind of take over. I really shouldn't but since I'm the senior guy out there it's in my nature to take over. If you want it done right, do it yourself....Anyway, I find the crises counselor and talk to her and she tells me what was said. So, we decide to take him to a psych hospital for evaluation. He's drunk, high, and mouthy. I love hearing "you need to leave." Inside I wanted to say "make me" but I refrained. He protested as I put handcuffs on him. I know the history of this house, family disturbances. Plus we've had seven calls to this house already today. If I remember correctly he's fought officers in the past. I told him what I was doing and why. I didn't trust him, but he wasn't going to jail, he was going to the hospital. His younger brother is afraid his mom will beat his ass for calling us when he didn't. He's so worried he gets her on the phone so I talk to her. She tells me we have the wrong kid. Now, drunk guy is denying he called the crises hotline when he said he called earlier. Well I'm satisfied we have the right guy and he's just now trying to get out of it. I jump back in my personal car and head home. Then, the radio blares, drunk guy is acting up in the patrol car. Damn! I start to feel bad. I feel like I stirred this pot up and now someone else is having to deal with it. I turn around and like the starship Enterprise go warp speed back to the station where they are restraining him. Fortunately all goes well. I tell the night shift sergeant to ignore any calls of a speeding vehicle on X street.

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