Friday, January 16, 2009

"You expect me to believe that bullsh**!"

The call came out;
"Reportee advises there are two males in her backyard shot in the head!"

Oh that can't be good. Of course this call drops during rush hour traffic so we have to navigate around about a hundred people simply trying to get home from work. We get there and both 'victims' are standing talking to us. Couldn't have been a powerful shot to the head. Come to find out they were grazed by buckshot. Maybe I'm old, maybe I'm cynical, but one look at these two clowns and I had a sneaking suspicion these two are partly responsible for their own misery. Their initial story is they parked their car at a gas station a mile down the road and spotted their assailant circling the parking lot. They saw he had a shotgun. So, they walk down the street, not calling anybody while their assailant follows. Then they say he jumps out with the shotgun. Now, why in the hell would you walk a mile away from your car, not calling anybody, while an armed man stalks you? Obviously these guys are lying. One of the 'victims' lies to the paramedics about his age. The other one mentions the name of the shooter. I ask him his history with the shooter and he says he doesn't know the guy. Okay, he knows the guy's name, but claims not to know him. Again, bullsh**! He then makes a comment. "He must have thought I had money by the kind of car I drive!" I wanted to see the car. Something told me we'd find the answer to this riddle in the car. We all go to the car and manage to get permission from the owner to search it. We learn from the station clerk that our 'victims' got into the car with the shooter and left with him! They admit that the other one was there to buy marijuana, but had no idea. In other words, they try to blame each other. Inside the car we find more drugs. So, these guys got arrested. Must suck to go buy marijuana, then get robbed by the dealer and shot at. Then, to top it off, get arrested! I also later learned that both of these 'victims' are suspects in burglaries currently under investigation. So, hard for me to feel sorry for these guys.

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