Friday, January 9, 2009

"You're not the police!"

I was simply cruising down the street and making a left turn when out of no where comes this Mercedes busting through the red light, almost hitting the car in front of me. I get around the car almost hit and floor the pedal trying to catch this fool. I hit the lights and get behind him. He's still going. I turn on the sirens and he is still going. I grab the radio and wait one more block before I call out on a pursuit. Finally he pulls over and jumps out of the car. Because of his thick accent all I hear is "robbed!" At first I'm thinking was he chasing the robbers and I just stopped him? Then I remembered nobody was in front of him when he ran that light. He's panicking so getting information out of him is like pulling teeth. I finally figure out his wife was robbed at their restaurant a few miles down the road. So I get on the radio to get units en route because he made it sound like it was in progress. Although I did wonder how come she can call him but not the police. I then learn that other officers are already on the scene and nobody is hurt. Okay, good. Now the guy wants to drive off. Nope! After finally getting him to shut up long enough for me to talk, I tell him his wife is okay. Officers are already on the scene. Then I start tearing into him about his driving. I know he is concerned about his wife, but he needs to use some common sense. Instead of panicking and acting on emotion, use logic. I tell him he is not the police and what good is his reckless driving going to do? Especially if he crashes and hurts or kills someone. Of course I let him go and I go there too where they had two guys detained. It turned out they weren't the suspects, but they certainly did invite police attention when one of the fools is wearing a cloth over his face like a bandit. He thought it was cool to walk around like that. Little did he know he walked past a robbery looking like that. Then when he's released, he puts it back on! Talk about an idiot! Well, he is just a product of his environment.

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