Thursday, January 8, 2009

There She Goes....Again!

I decided to stop a particular car. He was flying down the streets cutting into lanes. It was a 'G' ride with shiny rims. It might be something more, maybe not. Depends on the driver. I turn around and catch up to him and just as I was getting ready to light him up, I look over and see a woman in a wheel chair, in the middle of the street. She's blocking a lane of traffic. I hadn't deal with her in years, but I remember that profile. It's my favorite alcoholic, crack head, wheel chair using bum J. When I patrolled this district she hung out around the mall. She was always drunk and getting into fights with her 'boyfriend.' She was gone for a few months after she got arrested for stealing from a pharmacy. One time she got caught trying to buy marijuana right where an officer was eating lunch. I got out of the car, and she acted like she didn't recognize me. I wonder how heartless I looked to the casual observer who saw an officer approach a woman in a wheel chair crying (by the way she can walk). Most decent people (not knowing who this woman was) would take pity and bend over backwards to help her out. Instead, they watch this tall officer say

"Hi J! Long time no see! What the hell are you doing in the street?"

"I'm scared!"

"How drunk are you today? Get your ass out of the street before you get us both run over! Oh, and toss that beer you're trying to hide between your knees. You know you always try to hide your beer from me but you're not that smart!"

Yeah, on first appearance that scene looks harsh. Then again, you have to know the full story of this woman. The guy she's with today isn't her 'boyfriend.' This guy is her 'husband.' He is known for limping in the street holding his arm like it's broken begging for money. Another apparent sad story. Problem is, he's not crippled. He's just a worthless drunk bum like she is. I wonder where her 'boyfriend' is. I learn that he is in jail for taking a bat and beating the 'husband' up. After getting J out of the street I sigh. The drama in the hood never ends. I just wasn't destined to stop that G ride that night!

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