Friday, January 23, 2009

What I Missed

After taking some days off I usually miss some interesting bits. When I return I browse through the past events. Last night an officer spotted someone getting robbed. So he went to arrest the robber who jumped in a car and lead officers on a chase. He was eventually caught and arrested. One less robber on our streets!

Another individual decided to end his life in the park. He drove into a large park and shot himself in the head. This is the second time in about a year someone decided to end their life in the peaceful solitude of that park. Kind of a macabre ending. I can only imagine the officer's reaction at finding a dead man in the park. Hell, I remember last year some guy parked at one of our substations on the west side and shot himself in the head. His truck, with his body sat amongst police cars until an officer reported for work and found him.

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