Friday, January 30, 2009

Thursday, January 29, 2009

It was a pretty busy damn day! Let's see;

Burglary in progress call goes out. The officers arrive along with the helicopter. The helicopter spots some guys, matching the description standing in a front yard watching the officers. When one of the officers starts walking their way they run. That could be a clue these guys are guilty. The helicopter watches them ducking into corners. They get caught. I wonder how many burglaries will be cleared up with these guys' arrests.

Overnight one neighborhood has a rash of tire thefts. Someone is going up in peoples' driveway and stealing the tires right off the cars!

An officer makes a stop on a car that's having trouble staying in the lane. The car stops and as the officer walks up to it, the female driver takes off. The officer gives chase and stops her by her house. She's drunk and combative. Another one of our finest citizens.

A man gets a call that his ex-girlfriend is thinking of killing herself. He calls officers because he doesn't want to be alone with her. According to him she is batsh** crazy. Initially she is rational. The officer decides to try playing mediator. She asks if the man wants to talk to her and he says no. Then, the woman charges him screaming sandwiching the officer and assaulting her. The secondary officer jumps in and the fight with the woman is on. Then her teenage son comes and hits the other officer and runs off. Both of them go to jail for the same offense. Of course by the time I get there it is all over. Damn! I'd love for that little brat to have tried to hit me as well as his mother. As I used to say when I patrolled the inner city "the ghetto in me would have come out!"

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