Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Damaging Drunkard

A new officer gets a call about a drunk in the usual bad part of town. A drunk illegal immigrant gets caught trying to steal a bottle of wine. He gets tossed out of the store. In his drunken rage he takes a brick and tosses it through the window. Needless to say he gets arrested and charged with criminal mischief. While the officers are doing their paperwork the man, drunk falls flat on his face literally. They put him in the patrol car where he attempts to kick out the window. As a result he is hog-tied. He gets a ride to jail where they refuse him because of the cut on his face from his fall. He gets taken to the hospital where he successfully kicks out the window in the patrol car and spits on the officer. Now this idiot has earned himself two more charges and hopefully an immigration hold. The officer is cursing because this is the second car in a week that has been damaged while assigned to him. Neither case is his fault, but it does give us something to tease him about.


Kelsey said...

While awful for the officers who had to deal with the guy, that's actually a pretty hilarious story.

I actually stumbled on your blog pretty randomly, through the Palvas Family. Your blog is pretty interesting - I love glimpses into the lives of people with interesting jobs. My boyfriend is actually finishing up his masters in criminal justice, and although we end up talking about it a decent bit, it's a bit different to read about it, like here on your blog.

I was wondering - would you mind if I added you to my blogroll?

- Driftingfocus

Tenderfoot said...

Go ahead, I'm flattered, thanks.

Kelsey said...

Well, you have a good writing style, and certainly a wealth of material!

You've been added.