Friday, January 23, 2009

Let The Ribbing Begin...

In preparation of the teasing I was sure to get over the body found in a home I searched last month I printed the pictures I took. My plan was for anyone who began clowning me to see those pictures then I'd smugly ask if they'd have found the body. It wasn't until dinner time. A friend was sitting down in a chair with a wet spot so I warned him. Another officer (another friend) said "well damn George! You can find a wet spot on a chair but can't find a corpse in a house!" Ha! Ha! So I pull out the photos and let him look at them. He grins and says "oh yeah here's his head, a foot..." There really wasn't, he was just having his fun with me. Of course if the shoe were on the other foot I'd be clowning him too. He then reminded me that he told me, the day I checked the house to make sure I checked thoroughly. I did and someday I will post the post the pictures and let you decide. I told him I couldn't smell anything other than rotten food and tossed a bottle into the rubble to see if I could stir up any flies. Not missing an opportunity he says "he was probably gasping his last breath until you tossed that bottle (empty) and hit his head and killed him!"

Ha! Ha! Ha!

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