Friday, January 23, 2009

Chases are dangerous??? Now he tells me!!!

I checked my emails and found a note from the captain. It basically read;

"Officers are reminded of how critical their performance in a traffic pursuit is. Officers should be aware that pursuits are dangerous and present a danger to the public...."

No sh** Sherlock! Really???? In my 10 years of law enforcement and dozens of car chases I've been in, it never occurred to me that I, and the public were in danger! I'm sure glad this captain was around to tell me this although the last time he ever chased anyone Nixon was still President.

I'm wondering why this is coming up. I have a sickening feeling that with the bad press recently about police chases ending in the death of an innocent civilian our department is going to knee-jerk react and try to make us responsible to the actions of fleeing criminals.

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