Saturday, January 17, 2009

To all you bleeding hearts out there...

I'd like to have a word with you. I'm sorry your relative is mentally ill. I'm sorry you cannot keep him/her under control. I don't resent the fact that you expect us to handle your problem for you. Really I don't. I will do my best to be gentle, sympathetic, and compassionate. However, just because your loved one is crazy doesn't mean I'm going to lay down my life. I really don't care if your loved one sees demons and hear voices that negate his/her sense of right and wrong. I will not let your crazy loved one hurt nor kill me. I will do what I have to do to defend myself including deadly force if necessary. Just because your loved one is batsh** crazy doesn't mean I cannot prevent him/her from killing me. Hopefully you'll understand and do your part to keep your loved in on their medications.

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Kelsey said...

As someone diagnosed with bipolar disorder, there is always a slight lurking fear of something like this in the back of my head, of intentions being mistaken. I've been stable for years, and I haven't been in a hospital (well, for *that* anyway) in 12 years, but it's not something you can just ignore. Most of the time, having a mental disorder (at least, one that's considered serious, like bipolar) has not been a problem for me when I'm on my medications, but it does get irritating that whenever I have to disclose said information, it almost always tends to discredit pretty much anything I say.

Okay, sorry for hijacking your post with a rant!