Thursday, October 2, 2008

"I'm a mental patient!"

Who knows why some kids turn out the way they do. The parents of a 21 year old man called wanting us to check his room for drugs. Okay, fine, we get that call a lot. However 21 is the oldest I've seen. If the parents have to call for that, it's time to kick his ass out and let him make his own way. Anyway, all we find is a pipe that reeks of marijuana. So, he gets a ticket. Well, as we're leaving, he picks up a license plate and whacks his dad upside the head for calling us to start with. What started as a ticket now winds up with junior in jail.

I feel stupid. I called to wish my father a happy birthday. When I called him he was on his way home from work. While I'm talking to him he gets involved in a crash. Fortunately he's okay, but I feel to blame. I apologized to him, but he kept telling me it wasn't my fault, he was looking straight ahead when the car suddenly stopped. First, I put a fellow officer in the hospital, and now this. You might say I have a dark cloud. I disagree, I seem to put the cloud over others.

Remember the kid who stuck a .22 rifle barrel in his mouth? Well, we dealt with him again. We get a call about two drunks fighting in the street. We get there and two of the drunks don't want charges. They are adults and a little drunk, but not sh** faced. I look at the third and recognize him. I know he isn't 21. I'm a little annoyed. After that time talking him out of eating a bullet and here he is drinking out in the street in front of his house. No, he's going to jail. So, he gets arrested for being drunk and underage. Shortly he starts banging his head and kicking the door. He's extracted and winds up kicking two officers. Now he has went from a C misdemeanor to two felonies. Now he's screaming "I'm a mental patient this will get dismissed! How can you do this to me! You're ruining my life!" His mother, again is upset and crying but this time my sympathy is lessened. He plays this game with her. She wants to protect him but I tell her (in a diplomatic way) cut the cord and let him go. He thinks he can get away with this behavior because he is bipolar. Remember, I said in a previous post that bipolar is becoming an acceptable excuse for criminal behavior by a lot of people, even some of our nit wit prosecutors are buying into this. Good grief!

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