Saturday, October 18, 2008

Yes, I blushed

"Hey officer!" I heard as I exited the coffee shop. I turned to see what the blonde and her brunette wanted. They asked about all the lights up the road, they thought it was an accident. It was actually the fire department helping a semi whose brakes caught on fire. No big deal but sometimes to civilians anytime where there are a lot of flashing lights is a big deal. The blonde woman asks about a ride a long. I explain the process and she stops me;

"I mean what if we just hopped in your car now?"

"Uh, how would I explain to my boss (and my wife) why I have two women in my patrol car?"

"They wouldn't have to know!"

Oh my! Uh, are these girls flirting with me? It doesn't happen that often. Then the blonde asks;

"Does your wife have a badge?"

"She has a necklace I bought her."

"Would she sell it?"

Uh oh! If she knew about this conversation she'd probably throw it into the streets. I make a light joke about getting in the doghouse when the brunette says;

"If that happens I'd cuddle you to sleep!"

Okay, on that note, and my cheeks burning red I politely excuse myself from the conversation and get in my car and haul ass out of there. Last thing I need is the wrong impression and rumors to get started.

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Shane, Amanda and Adam said...

You know what they say about a man in uniform, some women just can resist :-D