Saturday, October 4, 2008

Old Timer Story 1

In my profession we have a few old timers. These guys were cops going back to the 1950s. I'm always interested in hearing stories from way back when. Of course police work was a lot different then than it is now. Plus, to be honest, there were a lot more shenanigans going on then than there are now. I've told them when they retire (and the statute of limitations run out) they should write them down. Otherwise many interesting stories are lost to time. Of course over the years, the retelling of a story gets exaggerated, so don't count on these posts to be 100% accurate. All I have are the words of the story teller.

In this story, a belligerent drunk gets arrested. He is talking trash all the way to the jail. When the officer brings him to jail, he finds the jailer. The jailer is a dinosaur (even back then, he probably had been policing since the 1940s). The drunk is cursing and the officer who brings him slams him against the wall. The old jailer berates the officer for slamming his prisoner. The old jailer sits the prisoner and dismisses the officer. As the officer walks out he hears the old jailer ask the drunk his name. The drunk replies "fu** you!" The old jailer clobbers the drunk out of the chair onto the floor. The old jailer then shouts at the officer "hey, what did you arrest him for?"

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