Sunday, October 12, 2008

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Should have been a day I called in sick, but didn't. I hate to call in sick, I rarely do it. Right now my sick time is maxed out and I cannot accrue anymore. I felt my nose was in a vice grip. Every 20 minutes I had to blow my nose like a geyser (I'm sorry that is a pretty sick image isn't it). I don't understand officers who burn time once they get it. Then, when they need to take off they have no time to use. Pretty damn stupid if you ask me.

Another damn stupid thing to do is to drive under the influence. I don't mean on alcohol, I mean other medications. Some guy, built like a wrestler, using ambien, drove across two counties with one of his tires gone. I mean totally gone, the rubber, the rim, the actual wheel was gone. All that was left was the brake disk. Someone finally found him and stopped him.

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