Friday, October 3, 2008

"You Again"

The day was passing by swimmingly when I hear that familiar address. The same fool from the previous night. This time his dad is tearing up his room. We get there and the kid comes out. He is saying he didn't do anything this time. I made him sit on the ground and he better not get up. He declares his innocence. I know he didn't do it this time, but given our history with him he's going to be sitting down and watched like a hawk. I don't trust him. Anyway, momma bailed the kid out of jail, daddy wanted to leave his butt there. Kid leaves the house goes back to the same two he was with when he got arrested. Dad tears up the kid's stereo and X-box. Okay, nobody really sees a problem except the kid and momma. The kid demands charges against his dad, obviously trying to pay him back. I tell him "it ain't happening!" The dad gets some clothes and leaves for the night. Momma makes a comment that her family is imploding. Yep it is. Mainly because she keeps trying to protect her spoiled son and ignoring the rest of the family.

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