Saturday, October 18, 2008

Meet Heidi Hazrati

Dear Readers,

I would like for you to meet Heidi Hazrati and the April Five Foundation. On April 05, 2006, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Officer Kayvan Hazrati was shot in the head while trying to serve a warrant. The shooter having been to prison stated he was not going back and shot at officers who were trying to apprehend them. Sine then, the Hazrati's have had to deal with the nightmare of rehabilitation treatments, sever pain (physical and emotional), the criminal trial, and the weasels that usually work for HR/Risk Management agencies. I invite you to read Mrs. Hazrati's blog about their life since the shooting. I went to the beginning of her blog and read from post one. Her writing leaves nothing to the imagination. I can feel her pain and anger from her words and it's like I'm standing right there with her. I give a "kudos" and a "God bless" to Heidi and Kayvan. Their journey is one that only strong people can endure and very few people could.

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