Friday, November 14, 2008

"Did ya whoop his ass?"

I hear a lot of stories from my boss. Sometimes I've heard them more than once but that is okay. I've told him he needs to write these down one day. Would be a shame to lose these to time. He was telling me about his old boss, friend, and mentor G. G had a son who drank, smoked dope, and got into trouble. From what I gathered from the story, the son didn't actually go to jail for his misdeeds. Now, before anyone says "pays to be the son of a cop," let me stop you there. For him, jail would have been safer. His dad would come pick him up, and beat the hell out of him. After the second incident G instructed my boss that if he had to pick his son up for any reason, he was to beat his son's ass before he was notified. My boss would express his reluctance because of his respect for the kid's mom, G's wife.

"But chief, the Mrs. might not love me anymore!"

"Who are you more afraid of, her or me?"

"You sir!"

A while later the son messes up again. He's drunk and he drives through a couple of yards. So the police get there and bring him to the station. My boss calls G at home and informs him. He is on his way.

"Did you whoop his ass like I told you?"

My boss sighs. "No sir!"

"Why not?"

"I'm afraid the Mrs. won't love me anymore!"

Then came a big incident. The son and a friend went home with two women from a bar. Well the women said they were divorced. Turns out, at least one was lying because her husband knocked on the door. She answered it and he put a bullet through her head. He then ended his own life. The rest ran out of the apartment leaving a baby behind. The son called my boss, who called G. In the end, the returned to give detectives a statement. In the end G asked my boss;

"So, did you whoop his ass?"

My boss hung his head and sighed.

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