Sunday, November 16, 2008

Oops I did it again!

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Okay enough Brittany. No, I'm not a fan, well, she is kinda cute even though she is a messed up flake. No, I mean I got to slap cuffs on another wife beater. See, the night previous we went to his house. His wife was pleading for us to get mental help for her husband. They got into an argument and he put a hole in the wall with his head and walked out of the house. Three others were responding to the call. Two of them were heading to the bar the wife said he was at. We learned that he has shoved her, and made threats to her in the past. Of course she never reported it because she loves him and only wants him to get counseling. This particular night he didn't do anything that would give us reason to pick him up. Two of the other officers went to the bar about to go in and grab him. I knew I needed to get the full story first. Last thing we need is a fight and to justify why we were going in there and grabbing him up to begin with. His wife was adamant that we go find him and get him counseling. Since all he did that night was throw a tamper we couldn't do that. She then suggested I drive her to the bar to look for her husband. I flat out said no. Because if she showed up, she would have stirred him up to the point where another disturbance would break out. I told her if I, or any other officer have to go to a bar disturbance, someone is going to jail (hint hint her husband because he'd more than likely be intoxicated). Better left him calm down and come home on his own. I don't think she liked me very much.

The next day I'm coming into the station and I talk to the guy I'm relieving. He is tagging photos from a domestic disturbance that morning. I didn't find out later on that this was the same couple. A warrant had been filed on him. We get a call that he's home. Since I like to be a part of the exciting conclusion I jumped in my car and went to his house. The wife was watching from her friend's house across the street. Apparently she still thought we were going to take him to a counselor. He answered the door and knew what was up. He surrendered which is always good. When we led him out of the house in handcuffs here comes the wife running to his aid. I knew this was coming so I asked another officer to stop her from coming over. I consider myself a pretty sympathetic person but this woman really did get on my nerves. She kept saying "he needs counseling not jail!" I said "ma'am he pulled you out of a truck and tossed you on concrete! He needs to realize there are consequences and perhaps this will be the wake up call he needs!" Again "he's not a criminal!" I just shook my head. Nothing I could say was going to satisfy this woman who wanted her ill tempered abusive husband home. Some days I just want to get in these women's' faces and shout "listen up! He just beat your ass and if you think he's gonna stop you're seriously naive!" But I know that's not the proper way to go about it.

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Shane, Amanda and Adam said...

Is this a different case than the other one ("she was afraid")? It is awful that these women are getting abused, but you are absolutely right - they need to wake up. I think in this case the wife is in need of some counseling herself...