Thursday, November 20, 2008

He Really Didn't Want to Go to the Hospital

A guy and his girlfriend were arguing in his car in front of her house. Well, he gets mad and punches his windshield, cutting his hand open (he later claims she hit him but he didn't want to hit her back). She gets out and goes into her house. He decides to put the car in gear and do the "pissed off drive off." Well, sadly for him, he puts it in the wrong gear and drives his car straight into a tree! When we get there, we're not sure if his arm is broken or not. Yet he refuses to go to the hospital. His license in suspended so the plan is to get him to the hospital and file a warrant on him later on. Well, he refuses to go to the hospital. He's told it's either hospital or jail. He says "take me to jail!" Okay, he goes to jail. I guess he likes jailers more than he does doctors.

In another crash related story. A woman was involved in a hit & run. She claims a truck pushed her into a barrier wall from a block away. Come to find out, the woman was leaving her boyfriend's house going home to her husband. Ouch! That's got to be a nightmare for the woman. How is she going to explain being on the wrong side of town and involved in an accident?

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