Friday, November 28, 2008

Ghosts of Thanksgiving Past

I was actually off last year on Thanksgiving and that was because it fell on my regular day off. Well the previous three Thanksgivings I managed to put someone in jail. I briefly recalled each of those arrests.

Thanksgiving 2004:

It was around 5 in the morning when I was following a jeep that had a hard time staying in a single lane. I pulled it over and found a woman driving. She was returning from a bar. Well, I was supposed to go home in two hours. We were having family over so I wasn't really looking to stay late. Plus, I really wasn't looking to put anyone in jail on Thanksgiving Day. I kept asking the woman if she had anyone who could come get her. She was drunk. Yet, she kept playing games. I feel she figured if she could stall long enough I would let her go. She wanted to drive off. After about an hour, yes an hour of merry-go-around with her I said "f*** it" and arrested her.

Thanksgiving 2005:

I was now working day shift. I came in early enough and would sit up on a cantina in my district. This cantina was notorious for allowing underage drinking (they never checked for ID about 90% of the clientele were illegal aliens. It was also notorious for cocaine using and dealing. I loved arresting drunks out of there, but even more I loved arresting drunks with cocaine on them. I set up and pounced on the first car I saw leaving. I caught him and sure enough, he was drunk, and an illegal immigrant so I arrested him. I remember him complaining about missing his "turkey dinner." I think I said something to the effect of "oh boo hoo mother ****** you shouldn't be here to start with!"

Thanksgiving 2006:

It was a slow day and nothing happening. Then a call drops. A man got into an argument with his pregnant girlfriend. Her family didn't like him because he was a little punk. She wanted to see her family without him and he got mad and hit her. So, he went to jail.

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