Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Election Day 2008

Mad scrambles everywhere. I drove by some polling places just to check it out. I saw one of the district attorney candidates (who won). I get to work and it's a fairly quiet day. We do get a road rage call. Two vehicles' drivers get mad at each other and point stuff at each other. The other swears the other had a gun, but neither one says they had a gun. One of the guys is a drama queen and has us call an ambulance for a panic attack. We do our report and leave. Later on that night he sees a black truck drive by and freaks out and calls us back. This time he's being a real girl about this. He wants a 'restraining order' which we have nothing to do with. He then says his heart is racing again. I guess I made no effort to hide my annoyance.

I will admit I was disappointed with the election. Hey, life will go on. A lot of people are going to expect a lot of things and will be sorely disappointed.

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