Saturday, November 1, 2008


Halloween came and went. I mostly strolled the streets, waving to trick or treaters, trying to be careful. Some of these neighborhoods don't have working street lights and families are walking in the middle of the road. If you go too fast you could hit someone. I can only shudder at that headline 'officers runs down trick-or-treaters.' As if the chief doesn't have enough notoriety already. I did goof up though. I was in a left turn lane with a red light. Well, my cell phone rings and I turn my head to read who is calling me (I have a bluetooth so I don't have to handle the phone). In my peripheral vision I see a light turn green. I go through the intersection only to realize it was the other light, not mine! Uh oh! People are watching me. I remember a story my daddy told me years ago when he missed a lane and found himself heading the wrong way on a one-way street. So, I hit my emergency lights and siren, rush through the intersection and find the first turn off. I then hide for a few minutes praying a captain or chief wasn't off duty with his family and just happened to be there. I dreaded the radio "This is the chief! What unit ran through 'such and such' intersection code traffic?" A few minutes later I feel it's safe to come out. I'm driving down the street when a kid on a bicycle comes flying out of nowhere across four lanes of traffic. I stop him and find it's a teenager whose friends were ragging on him so he got upset and took off. I gave him some friendly advice from one who has been there. I said "young man, don't get yourself run over because of dumb friends. In fact, next time they rag on you, tell them they're just mad because their mother was a man!" His eyes lit up and he said "oh I'm gonna use that!" He turns around and goes back to his friends. The voice of experience!

The night was about to wrap up when an officer calls me. He's out investigating a hit and run in a restaurant parking lot where the manager is stonewalling him. Long story short, whomever hit the car worked in that restaurant and the manager was very secretive about her staff. Obviously she's employing illegal immigrants. Then, she calls an officer from another department who comes out and while trying not to interfere starts questioning. I get highly pissed off. I go out there to confront that officer from another agency. I find out later on that officer eats in that restaurant. Okay, fine! I don't care. That officer can drag his happy ass across the street to whataburger and eat. I'll just sit back and wait for the complaint to come in.

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