Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Day 2008

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving Day. My wife made a good turkey and had her family over. I ate my fill then got dressed for work. I walked into my phone booth to throw on my cape. Just kidding. I changed in the other room. When I came into the kitchen in uniform it's like someone else just arrived. Beforehand it was just 'Ole George' now in uniform people see another person. Their manner of speaking changed from casual to slightly nervous. It's natural. Most people don't know I'm very approachable, even on a bad day.

Anyway, I go to work, finish my paperwork and head out on the streets. Nobody is doing anything (other than the once-in-a-while call dropping). Sometimes I like to show the new people how it's done. I go find a few people to stop. Of course nobody gets a ticket. On Thanksgiving you really have to work hard to get a ticket out of me. At the end of the night I hear a major accident drop. I arrive to find some fool hit a light pole head on. The fool was flying down the street, lost control and went onto a sidewalk (thank God nobody was on it) and hit a light pole. The front of his utility was a nice V shape now. They carted him off to the hospital. I heard murmurs of bags of marijuana in the vehicle. If so, then oh well, I won't lose any sleep.

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