Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I Should Write the Sheriff

The day is already starting out. There are two emergency calls working when my cell phone rings. I answer and it's my alarm company. My house alarm is going off. Just fu**** great! I call my wife and she's on her way home, so is the sheriff's dept in the adjacent county (where I live). I thought they would be there because I see them patrolling all the time. Of course I should have known, with us, we're there when we're not needed and not there when we are. My wife calls from the driveway, nobody is there and all looks okay. Well, I surely don't want her walking into the house to check. So, I ask my Lt. if I can run over to my house real quick (I don't far from work). I make it there in 20 minutes. I wonder what the neighbors thought when they saw a patrol car from the adjacent county pulling up. I check the outside, all clear. I then go inside and clear my own house. When I saw my cats running around like normal and my dog lazily sleeping, I knew all was well. We called the alarm company to cancel. However they were slow in cancelling the sheriff's dept. They arrived as I was leaving the house. Part of me wanted to chide him in coming from the next county and beating him to his own call. Maybe I should write the sheriff and make that point.

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