Saturday, November 29, 2008

Gotta Love Lawyers!!!

Lawyers can be funny when they find themselves on the wrong side of the law. I don't know if law school instills a sense of arrogant superiority but it never ceases to amaze me how lawyers think they are in charge of everything. See, for the most part, the justice system was designed by lawyers for lawyers. This is even more so when it comes to civil law. The system is designed so lay people have to hire lawyers to argue their client's position in front of another lawyer. When anyone finds themselves in court, they are in the lawyer's house playing by his rules. The lawyer controls the discussion any way he can to sway opinion to his side. I guess this sense of control carries outside of the courtroom.

Yesterday a woman calls and says her ex-husband has assaulted her. The first officers get there and detain the ex-hubby, who is an attorney. I talk to him. I open the door and he tries to get out. I tell him "oh no no no ain't nobody told you to get out!" He's 49 years old and dressing like a 30 year old. I get the feeling this guy is going through a mid life crises. He denies anything happened. So I ask him why did she call the police. His brilliant response was "what probable cause did she have to call the police?" Now that's a strange, and dumb question. Nobody needs probable cause to call the police. I ask what kind of lawyer he is and he says he's some property lawyer. Ahhh! Those are better! The lawyers other than criminal lawyers who think because they have the title 'lawyer' they know more than we do. I can smell alcohol on his breath. In fact he is currently on probation for his second drunk driving case and has a breath interlock on his car. I ask him how much he has had to drink. I want to see how truthful he is. He says "nothing." I pounce on him like a ninja attacking his credibility. If he is lying to me on whether or not he's been drinking how can I believe anything else he says. He winds up being arrested for assaulting his ex-wife. He tries to slip another one past me. When asking us to leave him at home doesn't work. He says he takes heart medication. The name of the medication, lipitor! Oh please!

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